Koolertron 2012 New LCD Bicycle Bike Computer Odometer Speedometer Fuctions Light

Koolertron 2012 New LCD Bicycle Bike Computer Odometer Speedometer Fuctions Light

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Product Features
TEMPERTERATURE( -20°C ~ 90°C / -4°F ~ 194°F ) TM UP TRIP TIME UP
Product Description
Description :
This Bicycle Computer is good assistant when you are riding, it is not only show the current speed, total odometer, total ridding time, but also show the average speed, each trip time, each trip odometer and so on.
It gives you a lot of different functions like record your riding speed, mileage and time dynamics when riding. It also functions as thermometer, clock and stopwatch. It has an off and on switch and low battery indicator that signals you if you already need to replace your batteries with a new one. This is also an ideal gift if you are looking for something that looks good and functional.
Engineering Material Plastics, LCD Screen, Electronics component
Two-line four window displays
3V CR203 Lithium batteries (Battery included)
Can be used the bicycle needs wheel diameter 50CM-99CM
Two-line four window displays for easy viewing data without
Frequent adjustment button
There luminous function to facilitate the night view
Waterproof, also show the data in the rain
LCD light, press any key at night,the light can keep 4 second (it's not light from 8 AM to 5 PM)
Power: 3V CR3032 Battery cell
Size: 8.5cm * 4cm (only the LCD bicycle computer)
Color: White
Weight: 152g
Package Include:
1x Bicycle computer
1x Universal sensor bracket
1x Wheel magnet
1x CR203 battery
1x Cable tie

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