Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator

Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator

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Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator
3D graphics and our groundbreaking real course photographs combine for the world's most advanced golf simulator.
Golf anywhere ...Anytime
30+ Years of Innovation
Par T Golf presents the Eagle Stroke Golf System. We are proud to introduce the latest and most advanced indoor golf simulator ever offered. Over thirty years of experience and success have created this new simulator. The Eagle Stroke Golf System will provide you or your facility hours of enjoyment with incredibly lifelike golf. The Eagle Stroke Golf system incorporates state of the art 3D hardware and software to give you an amazing golfing experience, anyplace anytime. Par T Golf's reputation, guaranteed service, support and accessibility of reasonably priced upgrades continue to keep you number one with the Eagle Stroke Golf System.
Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator Features
Listen as the birds chirp just slightly louder than the sound of the waves lapping the shore in Hawaii. On screen, you enjoy the beauty of this world renowned ocean front course. The Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator allows you to play over 60 golf courses, listen to music, or watch DVDs. You can also use the console as a huge computer screen with full internet access.
This incredible system has multiple camera angles and video previews of the holes and helpful grid patterns on the fairway or the putting green.
Money Maker
The Eagle Stroke Golf System, like the Double Eagle, is a great money maker for golf leagues, tournaments as well as open play. In addition, by selling on-screen advertising for use on the large 9'x12' screen the system can generate revenue time and time again! The advertising software can be customized for viewing before the game begins as well as before each hole is played. And each advertisement is time adjustable. The system also has predetermined time allotments to keep your facility active with new customers, but is adjustable for longer games as well.
Game Play
The Eagle Stroke golf simulator incorporates the latest in golf software advancements featuring a significant number of golf courses. For up to 5 players, you can adjust wind speeds from mild to strong. Course conditions can be set from hard to soft landing surfaces. Fog density is variable as well. You can select from 5 different pin locations and tee locations for each of the 5 players.
Choose from any of the following popular golf games:
Stroke Play
Match Play
Bingo Bango Bongo
Sudden Death (stroke play)
18 holes, Front nine or Back nine
You can select distance for gimmies, choose the number of mulligans per round, and select maximum score on each hole. Other software features include the ability to allow conceded holes, progress to next hole once hole is won, sudden death playoff if players are tied and quit round once a winner is decided.
While playing a course, your group can see helpful information on-screen such as: The location of the ball on the rough, tee or fairway.You can also view important information such as wind speed and direction, along with ball elevation in relation to the hole, needed for those difficult chip shots!
Along with the course information you can also view the following:
Which player is up
Which shot is to be taken
The par for the hole
Distance of the hole
Distance to pin from ball
Name of the hole
The Eagle Stroke offers other potentially critical course information to help you hit the perfect shot! You will view such information as:
Location of all hazards
Location of ball on overview
Distance to any spot on hole
Once you have played your shot, the following ball flight statistics become immediately available:
Distance of shot
Distance of shot in the air
Speed of ball
Angle of shot
Distance to pin
Button for mulligan
Button for replay
The Control Console
The easy-to-operate console is activated by pressing the touch screen, and play begins by following simple instructions on the display. This custom designed console features a state-of-the-art microprocessor, DVD ROM drive, 15" touch screen monitor, integrated keyboard and track pad.
The console measures 12" wide x 12" deep x 56" high. The commands are very intuitive as it is built with the golfer, not the computer programmer in mind.
The console features lockable top and face to protect your investment. Because of the modular design, upgrades and new courses are easy to install.
The ease and flexibility of our user friendly console invites your customers back time and time again. Enjoy a full library of 130 golf courses, watch your favorite DVD, surf the internet or play video games all using this amazing and very attractive console.

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