Husqvarna Viking Designer DIAMOND deLuxe™

Husqvarna Viking Designer DIAMOND deLuxe™

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When the DESIGNER DIAMOND™ sewing and embroidery machine was launched, we raised the bar on brilliance.  Now, we raise it again.  The new DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe ™ sewing and embroidery machine takes your artistry to new levels and enables you to achieve stunning creations – with less effort.  The epitome of the joy of sewing! 

Brilliant Innovation. Sparkling Results.

Wow! deLuxe™ Stitch System- A Thread Portioning System

The sensors and computer work out the thickness of the fabric, the thickness of the thread combined with the stitch selected. The onboard computer then runs a complex algorithm which portions the correct amount of thread for each stitch made. This is recalculated every 2 stitches for optimum results. So you can sew with the most extreme of threads and get perfect results every time. We are particularly impressed how well it sews with metallic thread on chiffon!

In addition, the DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe ™  sewing and embroidery machine features the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™, Design Positioning, SEWING ADVISOR®, EMBROIDERY ADVISOR™, a generous sewing space, and much more, to empower you to sew more beautiful projects than ever before. 

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